Feeding Chicken Bones to Dogs

I’m not sure if everyone knows about dog and chicken bones! I suggest that you do not feed them chicken bones! At least give them as treats once in a LONG while. But of course every dog’s body is different. Do not feed chicken bones too often. Yes, its a common misconception that Dogs CAN eat chicken bones since they can handle the bones in their digestive systems or what not, but it is not safe! The bones can be sharp and can ruin their stomach or worse dogs can choke on them. I have seen many cases where dogs choke on chicken bones and have seen many medical problems with dogs that eat a lot of chicken bones! Some say that it is safe for them to eat, but I suggest feeding them larger bones such as beef bones.

Here are some nice chicken bone alternatives:
Greenies – My bambi loves them and greenies are good for dogs teeth

Nylabone – If your dog must have chicken and is spoiled, here’s a good alternative. They have Nylabone chicken flavored. Theyre chicken flavored nylabone that your dog would absolutely love!

And of course the good old chew toy, and larger beef bones for dogs =)

Well, that’s it for today. Have a great Night! or Morning!

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