Dogs With Anxiety, Anxious Dogs, and Distressed Dogs.

Hi there!

I’ve been trying to look for a second job and it’s been hard.. running around in circles!
Anyway, so let me tell you some stuff that I know from experience with dogs that have anxiety.

YES, dogs can have anxiety too just like us humans! =P
They have feelings just like us too, a heart like us.. and you get the flow.

So, I’ve noticed… a couple of dogs that I have played with and been around from my neighbors homes and so on.. Some dogs seem to stick their tongues out and start to pant even when it’s a neutral temperature. You may think that your dog is panting due to the temperature or running around. Actually, if it’s either of those above, your dog may have anxiety. Anxiety can be caused literately by anything.

1. Home – his/her surroundings of furniture(too cluttered and messy), noise(children if they are not good with them and some dogs are just not ment to be around children), bedding(they might not have a comfortable bed), owners!(the owners may be abusive or even just lack in attention).

2. Food – not enough nutrition(lacking a ton of vitamins and such), water(may not be cleaned everyday or just dirty unfiltered water), and treats(either too many or none at all).

3. Just themself – they may just be born with a chemical imbalance(please check with their vet).

You know, honestly it can be anything but those are 3 top reasons why a dog may be distressed and anxious. Honestly, if you try all the things above that I have stated, I really do not know what to tell you. I’m not an EXPERT but I just like to suggest things that may work. Usually 95% of the people who read my posts tell me that I’ve been helpful and the rest of the 5% tell me nothing.

So I appreciate all of you stopping by! Next post will be about EASY GROOMING AGAIN! I FOUND TECHNIQUES AND SUPPLIES!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

See you all back soon! =)

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