Dogs with bad habits!

Hey all,

Todays post will be about dogs with bad habits.
One major problem that a lot of us have with our dogs is them eating their own poo!

Eating their own poo is no fun!
It makes their breath stink, it makes a real big mess around their paws, mouth, teeth, and whole body!
Now, eating it is not so unhealthy as you may think it sounds.

The reasons behind your dogs eating their own poo might be the follow things..
1. They might be lacking nutrition in their food.
2. Lack of attention meaning they do not get enough love from you!
3. Lack of exercise… they might need to go walking more often.
4. Toys.. they might not have enough or any at all?
5. Treats, feed them treats once in awhile and reward them for GOOD BEHAVIOR, not for just the fun of it.

Now, to properly start .. of course it will take time to fix this matter, first thing is first, make sure that you clean up after their poo as soon as you see it. It may be when you walk them or have them go on a pad. Pick it up right away and throw it away(Get it out of their sight).

After they have gone (by walking, make sure you reward them by petting them, saying good things to them, or even by treats and snacks), by pads, let them know by words and petting such as “good boy or good girl” and reward them that way… and make sure they see you picking it up and throwing it away.

For the next post, I will write about…..

things that causes stress and anxiety for dogs.

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