Hey all! SO SORRY I’VE MISSED EVERYONE FOR SEVERAL DAYS NOW! A lot has happened, so many people passing away… but this shouldn’t be any excuse for me not being able to write to everyone!

My apologies, always things happen and you know I REALLY WISH! that I could just make dogs my #1 priority to write about, learn about, and teach about… unfortunately this dumb thing called MONEY! green pieces of paper revolves around us.

So anywho, today I wanted to recap everyone on dogs and their foods, treats, eating habits, and much more.¬† So my Bambi officially turned 1 year old so I had to switch him to eating puppy food to adult food. I know I said “Royal Canine” was great to feed your pups, but you know they are extremely pricey for the little amount that they provide to you. If you are rich and can afford it, it’s awesome! But I don’t get to walk in the hall of “RICH” everyday so I prefer to stick to nutro ultra. I got the small breed kind because Bambi is only 7 pounds fully grown. Cute huh? =)

So moving on with dog treats, I found some more healthy treats for your dog, I mentioned Nyla-bones right? They are an excellent source of “teeth cleaning” for your dog. It may not reduce bad breath, and trust me, it doesn’t, but! it decreases plaque and icky stuff on your pups teeth. Once your pups teeth start turning YELLOW, that means you must brush them, clean them, rinse their mouth. How you may ask? There are toothpastes and toothbrushes for dogs for different sized dogs. Bambi as you know is petite so I buy the smallest brush they have as well as soft because since he is a smaller breed, his gums are a lot more sensitive than larger breeds. So I will upload a picture of the toothbrush and toothpaste¬†I purchased for him =) Just a reminder, the first picture are for medium bred dogs and the second picture are for the smaller breeds under 20lbs.

The second picture in the red coloring is a special toothbrush made for smaller breds only because you can put the toothbrush onto one of your fingers and gentley brush away without harming your dog. Now, please keep in mind, bleeding of the gums isn’t bad but just like us humans, it does hurt for them as well so try not to brush so hard and brush one direction not two because that WILL cause the gums to bleed.

Now, I will shortly post some new interesting and fun posts! Hope to see you all back soon! Give hugs and kisses to your adorable babies!

Until later~ ….. =)

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