Recap on your Dog Food!!

Hey everyone, I have important news I must share with yall.

To start, I did extensive research on puppy and dog food today!
I went into Petsmart AND Petco(The two LARGEST stores for pets know in the U.S.), and I found out there are foods much much better than Nutro Ultra!
Yes, can you believe that? Now let me correct my previous posting about dog food..

Nutro Ultra is a great brand of food, but I learned that some other brands are great too! It really is just your preference like I mentioned before in my earlier dog food post. I will also give you some tips on the pricing of them =)

Brands that I found out that are excellent for your dogs health, I actually read each and single one of these bags ingredients~ Please scroll below to find out more about which brands are excellent sources of health for your puppy and dog(s).

My favorite choice after studying was Royal Canin
for indoor pups… which I am starting to feed my Bambi.

Royal Canin (they have many different chioces to your preference available) – pretty pricey for the little amount but #1 on my list =)
Nutro Ultra
Purina Pro Plan – price is decent for what you get
Eukanuba – price is decent for what you get

So in my opinion those three brands are great for your dog(s).
It’s like us eating rice one day, salad one day, bread one day, meat one day, tofu one day, and all these nutrients, I’m amazed on how much dog food has improven over the past years. Makes me happy =D

I hope this tip helps you decide on which food you should feed your dog(s).

Note: This is only my opinion and suggestion, you may feed your dog(s) whatever you would like.
Please read more of my disclaimer. Thank you!! =D

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