Dogs and Chocolates is a BIG FAT N-O-!-!-!

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope mighty well! I’m almost all healed up and ready to go back out into the world (lol), my flu is almost gone and I’m feeling so so much better!

So today, I wanted to write about dogs and chocolate. I know for us, we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! chocolates! Who doesn’t right? Unless you are allergic to them (sorry to those that are), but for us that aren’t, MMM! YUM!

Enough with our chocolate droolings, chocolates not all that healthy for us, but its EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY for our DOGS! (pets in general!) Those of you who find yourself feeding your dogs or pets chocolate, PLEASE STOP! RIGHT AWAY! =(

It can kill your dog!

PLEASE keep in mind that the kinds of food we eat, majority of it, almost ALL OF IT is not good for your pets. EXCEPTIONS!! Unless you keep your dog(s) on an organic feeding diet from the start. That should be the only exception, no others, absolutely NOT!

There is a chemical in chocolates called therobromine. Please click the link I have pasted below to read more information about exactly who it can kill your dog. Before clicking, KEEP IN MIND: dogs have totally different digestive systems than humans. (Which is why if you are feeding your dogs organics, which means human foods mainly, you should have started since they were a small puppy, and not when they are a year old or so.) This might sound contradicting, but it is true. If you do not understand, please feel free to research it more on google, or feel free to ask me and I will be more than happy to help you understand the differences between feeding your dog(s) organics since they were puppies and from when they are older. (Please, whatever I write is just for your entertainment, I am not trying to make any criticisms towards anyone or anything. I want to provide everyone excellent sources of information as much as I can.)

That above is the link to provide you great information on dogs and chocolates.
Please take the time to review it. Thank you again for stopping by! See you all soon!! =D

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