Vitamins for your Dog

Hi there! So I’m starting to feel much better, but still a little on the cloudy side.

Anywho, I wanted to write to everyone about vitamins specifically for dogs.
So if you would like to feed your dog vitamins, this is the easiest way possible.
It’s something called Nutri-Cal. There are many different kinds of Nutri-Cals, but
believe me, they all work the same, and do have same kinds of ingredients in it.

Below is a picture of the one I got when I first got my Bambi. Bambi actually wasn’t
eating and immediately I needed some form of supplement that could help him get
all his nutrients that dog foods have so I got Nutri-Cal and fed him three times a day.


This product really works, and yes Vets do recommend it as a great source of vitamins
for your dog(s).

If your dog is eating fine and healthy everyday, please do not feed this to them EVERYDAY,
it will be TOO much and may cause them to vomit or go diarrhea, but do feed it to them
twice a week, just sqweeze a small pinky nail size out into their mouth and let them just
lick it of their mouth/tongue. Or you may want to put in on your finger and feed it to them,
but keep in mind that our fingers have a lot of germs and bacteria that our dogs do not need.
(of course everything has germs and bacteria, but preventing it as much as possible would be

The only reason why I specifically recommended Nutri-Cal is because other vitamins come
in capsules, liquids, and all sorts of different kinds that your dog will not like as well as have
a hard time having them eat it. Nutri-Cal is a Gel like form, it can get messy like you see in the
picture above, but you can always clean it off =)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this vitamin works! It will work! =)

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