Teaching your Dog Cute and Cool Tricks

Hey everyone! So i’m back to write about how to teach and train your dog to do some tricks! I’m sure there are hundreds of ways, but I will list as many as my fingers can type away at~

First off, to start as a beginner, your dog needs to know his or her name.
If your dog does not know his or her name yet, you can train him to know and learn by calling him or her by the name you have given them and every time you call his or her name, give them a treat. Just 1 treat, not 10.

NOTE: Please make sure they are calm and do not feel nervous in any kind of way (Basically make them feel as comfortable as possible, this way they will learn quicker and will listen carefully since they won’t have a boggled mind).

Second, know what your dogs favorite treat is. If you do not know, please take some time to go to your local pet store to buy a couple treats, I have listed some great treats with lots of great source of vitamins for your dog in my previous post if you scroll down you can see pictures of them. If you know what your dogs favorite treat is, make sure to have a hand full. Please make sure that they do not jump up and go out of control. By this meaning, you can start off with saying “sit” or “down” and with your hand(not the one with the treat in it) push it’s back down while you say it. You may also want to try this way as well, when saying a command such as “sit” or “down” put the treat down as you’re saying it slowly. Do not rush your dog and make them feel nervous.

This is one of my best tricks and commands I have known to teach my dogs and my neighbors…
“Paw” or “Hand”. I wrote in my previous post below that I thought my Bambi how to give me his “paw” when I ask for “hand”. It really is your preference, but make sure you make the decision right away on if you want “paw” or “hand. Here is the way I did it, maybe you can follow it too~

I got his favorite “freezed dried liver treat” and got him to relax by petting him telling him “good boy bambi” and just keep petting them and NOTE: be at their level meaning: sit down when you are petting them to help them relax, if not they will feel like you are a BIG monster of some sort. I would get the bucket and shake it and say “bambi treat?” 3 times in a row. After a week or so, he learned what I meant when I said “bambi treat?” and started shaking the bucket of treats. Secondly, I took one treat out and I would let him see me taking the treat out of the bucket and I would ask him eye to eye (him sitting as well as me sitting) “bambi hand” and I would repeat it about 5 times. Believe me, this takes time, it does not happen over night, if it does then AWESOME! but keep in mind that it will take about a week or two to train them a command. (If you’re dog is smarter, maybe he’ll learn faster HEHE!). Third, I kept repeating the same two steps over and over again every morning, day and night, basically whenever I had the chance and when he finally gave me his paw, I would reward him by telling him “good boy bambi” make sure you say your dogs name after rewarding him to let him know it’s specifically for him/her.

Now I don’t guarantee that this will work for every single dog out there, which is why I mentioned there are probably over 100 or even more ways to teach and train your dog commands and tricks, but I hope it does work and helps you get an idea of how to start as a beginner. Soon I will go more into detail and list more ways to train your dog tricks and commands in later posts.

Thanks for reading! Best of luck to everyone and their lovely and adorable pups!! =D See you all back SOON!

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