Puppy Fashion, Dog Clothes

Hey all! I know I wrote in one of my previous posts about clothes already, but it doesn’t hurt to write more about it right? Well, I wanted to show you some pictures of my puppy in his new outfits I bought for him. I guess I’m collecting a wardrobe for him, he so far has 19 outfits including pajamas =). Spoiled I say~

Here are some pictures of my Bambi in his cute outfits:

This is a Purple Fuzzy Coat (Worn during winter season in Febuary)
In front of my neighbors door (awaiting to play with his friend)
Purple Fuzzy Coat

This one below says “MAMA’S BOY” but sorry, bad picture,
he doesn’t like to stay still for pictures~

Mama\'s Boy T-Shirt

Oh that’s my hand! And you know I thought him some cute tricks!
When I say paw, he doesn’t give me his paw, but but but! When I
ask for “hand” he gives me his paw! Strange puppy but so adorable =)

This one below is a football hooded sweater… cute huh? =)
This one is my favorite on him~


So enough with the picutres, I will be back later to write some more about how to train your puppy commands. Thanks much for stopping by! See you all soon! =)

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