All About Dog Exercise

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You all at least one time in your mind had the idea probably cross your mind, “How to exercise my pup” no? Well I’ll give you some tips on how to exercise your pup and stay fit with them as well.

Depending on the size of the dog, please scroll to which category you fit into.

X-Small – Small Dogs:

Small dogs do not need vigorous exercising, although they do need daily exercise. For small dogs meaning teacups and toy sized dogs, a good exercise plan would be a good long walk, for half an hour to an hour twice a day even up to three times a day depending on how much time you have as well as depending on the mood of your pup. You can also play with them at home for them to get exercise in their diet. Gather some of their favorite toys and play fetch, or even just roll around with them and get their heart rate up.

Medium Dogs:
Medium dogs need in between a small dog and a large dogs time of exercising in their diet. Twice a day to about three times a day depending on your time and your pups mood will be a great and healthy diet for them. A nice long walk out to the park or quick half an hour jog will do.

Large Dogs:
Large dogs do need more frequent times of exercising and out time then the smaller breeds. You ask why? Well, they are 2-3 times larger in size, meaning larger the heart. The heart needs more activity as the larger the size of the heart is. Larger dogs cannot be sheltered inside a small apartment home. You need at least a backyard where they can run around and not feel like they live in a crate. Larger dogs should be taken out the same amount of times as the smaller breeds, but just for a longer period of time. They need a lot of running as well as movement with their joints.

Now, I hope those were helpful, but mainly obvious tips.
Exercise is healthy of course, it is even healthy for us humans. Without exercise even a human can gain weight, have a lot of stress, tension built up, a lot of fat built around our internal system, and you know the drill. So exercise is really helpful for your dogs health and diet. They will even live a longer life with exercise in their diet.

Many people do have dogs where it is a special situation such as:
The dog does not want to go outside, hates grass, or even just is home bodied.
In this kind of case, I mentioned that you do not need to force them outside. Just take a small toy, or their favorite toy and play with them indoors. Start off slowly with a peek-a-boo tactic, and gradually move foward. Make sure you are in control of their play time, this does not mean let them do whatever they want in the house or outside.

Here is a quick example of indoor exercising for your dog:

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