How To Potty Train Your Dog


So today I am feeling much much better! I’m resting tons and eating very healthy!
so today’s topic is going to be about how to potty train your dog.

First off, no matter what the size is of your dog, it is possible to potty train them.
But yes, it is up to you on how you train them. They are going to need a lot of discipline.

One way of potty training your dog is crate training.
You can get a crate, large enough that they can circle around in the crate.
NOW, crate training comes with a lot of patience, time, and effort.
You cannot expect a dog to learn with a snap of your two fingers.
You must set a time schedule on when you would like to take them out for a potty break.

Example: I set 2 times for my dog to go pee since I am at work during the mid day.
One in the early morning around 7am and another at 7pm, yes that is 12 hours of holding their pee,
but note, that I do put a pee pad inside my dogs room a  14×13 room during the times that I am not home.
Every dog is different, but they can learn how to potty train all the same ways.

Leave them in the crate while you are gone, or in their room and take them out on a leash to go outside for a potty break.  Repeat this twice a day, everyday.

I know some people may be at work all day, or school, so please note to leave a pee pad out.
Pee pad training is not hard, put the pee pad in a corner of his/her room and naturally the pee pad comes manufactured with a scent that dogs know that they need to pee there (on the pad).

If you do not like the pee pad idea, please keep the dogs in a large crate and only let them out when you take them out to take a potty break or when you are home supervising them.

If you would like to keep a water dish out for them to take a sip whenever they would like, you may do so but please understand, that means more frequent potty breaks will be needed unless you put out a pee pad.
Pee pads usually are very good for smaller sized dogs such as a Toy sized dog.

When you take them out twice a day, make sure to take them walking a bit too, and not just for the potty break.  Dogs do need exercise which I will get into more on my next post =).

If you like your dogs to be indoors and never see the light of the day, please put a pee pad out and change it twice a day (or as needed) as well as plenty of clean and fresh water. Naturally, they will learn to pee on the pad. If they don’t, you may want to buy a spray that you spray on the pad itself to help them with their scences to go potty.  You can find it at any local pet store.

Thanks for reading! I will post about exercising your dog and how to have fun while being out with them tomorrow.

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