Dog Food Don’ts!

My neighbor had to take their dog to the vet recently because it got really sick from eating some grapes. It’s very important that dog owners know exactly what foods they must never give their dog. Here’s a basic list.

If you have ever heard that you will kill your dog by giving it chocolate, then you heard correct. Some of the things that they contain, such as caffeine, can be very toxic. They will work by having an affect on both the nervous system of your pooch, as well as his heart. Overall, chocolate is one of the main things that you should not give your dog. This also goes for coffee.

Although your dog may love pork and ham, it is really something that you should avoid giving him. It can have many negative effects on his digestive tract. You will probably notice that your dog will have diarrhea if he eats pork or ham, or he might even vomit with blood.

Most dogs love to play with grapes. It is okay if your dog does not eat them, but only plays until he gets tired with them. Giving your dog grapes to eat is really something that you should avoid. The reason is because, due to a toxin that they contain, they are known to cause damage or even failure to the kidneys. Keep in mind that this also counts for raisins too.

Although you have always heard of people giving their dogs bones, this is something that you will really want to avoid doing. You will especially want to avoid giving your dog bones from poultry sources, such as chicken. The main reason is because they can cause splintering or other types of damage to the digestive system.

Both onions and garlic contain things which can have an affect on the red blood cells, and ultimately cause your dog to become anemic. This is especially true when it is eaten in large quantities. Overall, giving your dog onions is something that you will just want to avoid doing.

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