Too Many Treats!

Today we are going to talk about a sticky situation that while seemingly innocent, can actually lead to discipline problems and even health problems for your poor dog down the line if not handled with discipline: DOGGY TREATS! :o)

Now we all know how hard it is to resist giving your pooch treats when he’s begging for one or being good. But giving too many treats to your dog can be one of the worst things you can do for them! First of all, over feeding your dog with treats can lead to them getting fat and unhealthy. This can be worse when the treats you give your dog are high in fat. In general, a good nutritious base treat like Milk Bone biscuits are better for your dog. Avoid giving them high sodium salted treats, and especially avoid giving them people food! Bones are a different story, but I had a friend who would give his dog barbecued ribs smothered in honey and barbecue sauce!

A more subtle danger when “over treating” dogs is that they will come to depend on getting treats as positive reinforcement. The dog should not be obedient because he wants a treat; he should be obedient because he respects you as the master and loves to obey you! Treats are just a bonus. Be especially careful with how your kids dole out treats, because kids will often sneak them food and treats in an attempt to get the dog to love them more. This results in undisciplined, begging dogs!

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