Hey all! I’ve received several comments regarding heartguard.
I never said EVERYONE HAS to use it… I just suggested. Please keep clear that these articles I write are only for peoples entertainment and I did state my disclosures saying I am not a responsible for any of your actions. I am not a vet, I just have a passion for animals and do a ton of research, and which I like to share my information I learn with others.

One comment was: Nonsense, dogs who live out in the wild still need heartguard?
That is a silly comment really! WHAT WILD ANIMAL would really go to a vet? That is really silly of you to even ask me!! or even state as a comment! I’m writing about and speaking for dogs who LIVE at HOME with PEOPLE!

Second comment was: Where to purchase heartguard; you must go take a bloodtest first for your dog before getting any medications or even non-over the counter stuff. Why? Because what if they are sick and you just don’t know it. You want your dog to be clear of everything before starting them on any medication/nutrients.


Thanks for coming by!

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