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Welcome to my page, and thank for visiting. Today is officially my first day of posting my puppy blog. We will talk about everything from Puppy Fashion to Dog Clothing, Dog Food, Dog Toys and Chew Toys, and basically anything to do with Toy Dogs. Be sure to bookmark for constant updates and the latest Puppy Fashions.

For today’s post, I will post some photos and pictures of my baby ( which is Toy Poodle ). Here are some pictures of his cute outfits I have bought for him, but before I add his pictures, here is a little more information about my Poodle.

His name is Bambi, he is a pure bred Toy Poodle, he is 11 months old, fully grown at 7 pounds, Apricot in color, he is an X-Small in clothing size for puppies/dogs, and his temperament is very outgoing, but mellow at times as well.

Now finally, here are some very adorable and cute pictures of my Bambi.

Bambi & More

This is all for todays post, please come back and visit for more updates and exciting news!! =)

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